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We believe that each child is a unique gift created by God.  It is our job as educators to work closely with parents to assist each child in their educational development.  Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the whole child, complete with activities and experiences incorporated to enhance each child's spiritual, cognitive, language, physical, social, and emotional development.

Diocese of Toledo Safe Environment Program in Full Compliance with USCCB Norms. Each year, the Diocese of Toledo is required to undergo an audit to ensure that it is in compliance with the articles of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People.Bishop Daniel Thomas is pleased to announce that, for the fiscal year 2015-2016, the Diocese was found to be in full compliance with the requirements in the Charter.

The Diocese of Toledo remains committed to ensuring the protection of children and providing a safe environment for all young people. If you have any knowledge of abuse that has been committed by a cleric or by any personnel or volunteer of the Catholic Church, you are urged to report the abuse to your local police department, Child Protection Services, and to contact Mr. Frank DiLallo, diocesan Victim Assistance Coordinator at (419) 214-4880; or to write to Mr. DiLallo at 1933 Spielbusch Avenue; Toledo, Ohio 43604.

Belief Statement

As Catholic School Educators, we believe our Catholic School is not only a school, but a community of Faith; we believe those entrusted to us are not only students, but children of God.

We believe we are not  only educators, but Ministers of the Gospel; we believe the values we teach are not only character development, but a call to Holiness; we believe our courses of study are not only academic pursuits, but a search for Truth; we believe the purpose of education is not only for personal gain and the development of society, but for the Transformation of the World.

Mission Statement

Founded in the Catholic faith, our school ministry develops disciples of Jesus Christ who are intellectually and spiritually prepared to serve God and their community.