We have several scholarship opportunities, including the following, please click each link for further information and to see if you qualify:

2017-2018 Tuition for our K-8 campuses is $4,650

Plus a Registration fee of $100 ($125 after April 3rd)

Please click below to download our forms and turn in to your campus choice to register your student(s).  *Please note the $100-$125 per student non-refundable registration fee is due at the time of registration:

Scholarship Opportunities

Think you can’t afford private school? Think again! There are several scholarships available, if you qualify. While we celebrate Catholic Schools Week, we want to make sure all of our parish members know that there are opportunities available to attend a Catholic School in their neighborhood. It is a goal of the Toledo Diocese to make Catholic Education affordable to all Catholics who would like to send their children to a Catholic School. We believe parents are the primary educators of their children, and we would like to support you in that, if your choice should be to attend a Catholic School.

Parish Scholarships are available for actively engaged parish members. Please return your application to your parish rectory. All NCCS parishes, (St. Michael the Arc Angel, St. John the Baptist, Most Blessed Sacrament, Regina Coeli, St. Clement, and St. Catherine of Siena,) provide scholarships to their parish members who meet the criteria.
First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association Scholarship call Timothy Snyder at (419) 882-1102 for more information.
One Faith Many Blessings is available to those families working for Catholic Schools or the Diocese. Please consult with the school office for more information.
Northwest Ohio Scholarship Fund (due April 29, 2016) is an income based scholarship. Please refer to the website for more information www.nosf.org   The maximum amount is $1,500 per child.
Ohio EdChoice Scholarships are available for families that live in a qualifying low-performing school district. This scholarship is $4,650 maximum for K-8th grade, $5,000 for high school.
Ohio Expansion Scholarships in an income based scholarship and is available for ALL families that have children in grades K-3.
Autism Scholarships are available to families who have a child on the Autism Spectrum who want to attend a private school. This amount is capped at $27,000. NCCS is a provider of this scholarship, offering a full-time Intervention Specialist, Speech Therapist, School Nurse, and classroom aides when appropriate. 
Jon Peterson Scholarships are available to qualifying students with a disability. The amount of scholarship is determined by the designation of the child’s IEP. NCCS is a provider of this scholarship, offering a full-time Intervention Specialist, Speech Therapist, School Nurse, and classroom aides when appropriate. (Deadline April 15).

There are other scholarships often available from other community organizations such as VFW, Ladies Auxiliary, credit unions, your place of work, and local foundations.